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"I have had a highly positive experience working with Hector for overall strength and to improve as a runner.  He helped me move beyond what I could achieve on my own and to think differently about what it takes to be fit and healthy.  He's the real deal- a good listener, attentive and focused on his clients, an athlete who understands all different levels of athleticism".

Ingrid Jonas, Waterbury, VT


"What's not to like about Hector's approach to training?  Focusing on healing ongoiing issues plus intense core strengthening.  My body looks and feels stronger than it ever has in my life".

Lorraine Miller, Stowe, VT


"I've worked with Hector for over 10 years and highly recommend him.  His workouts are interesting, varied, challenging, and effective.  His knowledge and experience have enabled him to work around any physical issues I've had from time to time; but more importantly, his workouts have helped me avoid injury and get my body in shape for the sport of the season".

Natalie Hubbs, Stowe, VT


"I had not consistantly excercised in a long time and Hector was very conscious of helping me slowly wake up my muscles and increase strength in a way that avoided any injury.  I feel stronger and more motivated to push myself with his guidance and motivation".

Shauna Larson, Morrisville, VT

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